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Show off your C4!

Show off your C4! (1/2)
 8/16/17 8:46pm
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Vancouver, WA - USA

1996 C4

Joined: 7/16/2017
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Greg here from the great Pacific Northwest! Vancouver, WA. 1996 C4 with 68K and love every minute of it! Purchased in June after wanting one for years. A 1991 was the first Vette I drove while stationed in Italy! I have always wanted one and was finally able to start my collection!

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Re: Show off your C4! (2/2)
 8/24/17 1:05pm
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O'Fallon, MO - USA

1994 Brickyard 400 parade car. 1 of 25, 13 red 12 black. All stock and 100% original.

Joined: 3/20/2009
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Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the fun!