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Topic: Vivian at 30

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Vivian at 30 (1/1)
 7/28/20 1:09pm
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Glen Cove, NY - USA

1990 white with red interior

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I hear we name boats after women because we love them.  The same can be said for cars!  Unlike her friend Stormy below, Viv never gets wet except for a bath.  Growing up (my wife says I still haven't!), I had three Camaros, a GTO, a GTX, a 240Z and a little later a 300ZX.  I loved all those cars (and so did other people...GTO stolen twice, one Camaro and the 240Z, that's what I get growing up in NYC) and had a ton of fun in all.  But there's something about sitting in a Corvette.  And then we get to drive them!  Nothing like a C4!!

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