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Topic: Interior Halo trim question

in Forum: C4 Interior

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Interior Halo trim question (1/1)
 4/1/21 2:28pm
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Washington, IL - USA

1986 Coupe. This is from the 1989 VH1 sweepstakes. I won this car in a sweepstakes from thelostcorvettes.com this September. It only has 40,000 miles on it and I am going to spend the winter doing minor things to it. It runs and looks great.

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I am replacing the interior halo trim in my 86 and I was wanting to know where to cut out for the inside temperature sensor. I already got rid of the old panels forgetting that I needed to use this for the placement position.

If anyone with this could give me some kind of measurements that would help me with the placement of the cutout I sure would appreciate it.




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