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Stormy (1/1)
 3/28/20 10:10pm
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Steelton, PA - USA

1992 white roadster, removable glass top, red leather.

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In the new members section I posted a long narrative (Christmas Corvette), discussing the purchase and work accomplished on my 1992 C4. I call my Vette "Stormy" for a variety of reasons, though mainly because I have encountered frequent storms while driving her. Once, at a car show that began with clear skies and brilliant sun, a violent storm came up and I ended up driving home through a series of torrential downpours. Not fun. Another day, returning from my sister's home, I again encountered torrential rain. Each time this occurred, the forecast was for clear skies. And the day the Vette arrived on an open carrier from its point of purchase, it was snowing--not exactly a storm, but heavily enough. Oddly enough, as I write this on a Saturday evening, a thunderstorm is rampaging through the region. The photo below is a shot of Stormy at the GR Auto Gallery in Michigan, before purchase. I tried uploading a more recent photo, one of my own, but it refused to complete, no doubt due to file size and my slow internet speed.

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